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Company History
By having extensive experience in the civil construction segment and more than 4,500,000 m² of constructed area since 1967,Stein operates in all regions of Brazil and Mercosul countries.

Its technical team consisted by civil engineers, in partnership with selected companies, has invested in process improvement for total satisfaction and anticipation of market trends.

Pioneer in the certification of quality and productivity Brazilian program, PBQP-H, Stein  continues the process of quality development in order to improve the service to the customers.

Focused in a policy of excellence, Stein stimulates in the entire organization the effectiveness in the accomplishments of its activities, and, the continuous quality culture through periodic employees training   programs, partnership with suppliers and constant evaluations to get the required feedback for its improvement.

Quality  Policy
Construtora Stein is committed to achieve excellence in the civil construction area, under the following principles:

- Meet the customer's requirements, according to the legislation, with quality, on time and costs.
- Provide training to its personnel.
- Provide pleasant and safe work environment.
- Promote partnership with suppliers.
- Continually improve quality management system.

Stein Empreendimentos Imobiliários

Established in Blumenau/SC, Stein Construction operates in all Brazilians regions and Mercosul countries. The works accomplished range from, bridges, special works, shipyards, shopping malls, industrial plants etc. More

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